Our Process

The Goal

To reinforce the tagline, “Take Time to Breathe.” it is my intention to create a pamper me moment with our aromatic creations. To reach this goal I focus on to creating blended notes that are balanced, well-rounded and not over powering. When paired with select ingredients we are able to create lavish aromas that translate seamlessly into bath, body and home products.

Thoughtfully Crafted

Utilizing my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in a positive manner, I worked with a 25+ year soaping mentor, researched a variety of oils, butters, herbs, clays that are not only beneficial to the skin, but are enviromentally safe. Speaking with manufactors directly, asking tons of questions from consumers. My rescourses include EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database, The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, Fragrantica, American Heart Association and The National Eczema Association just to name a few.

Living with Conversion Anxiety Disorder and in remission from Scarcoidosis I have learned to treasure the little things in life. My soaping journey started with a call from a friend to remind me I’m still usefull. So yes, it’s just soap. But it’s soap with thoughful intentions and a foundation built on faith.

Our Process

Our palm-free ARTISAN SOAP BARS are thoughtfully crafted using the cold process soap method (CPSM).

Cold process soap is made by combining oils and sodium hydroxide (lye), which causes a chemical reaction called saponification. CPSM allows me the freedom to hand select ingredients so I can rest assure there are no nasties in the soap.

Once the saponification process is completed no lye remains in the soap.


This is the hardest part for me, for I am an impatient person, is the waiting. But as they say, “Good things come to those who wait,” holds true.

Due to the amount of olive oil and butters, our bars take a bit longer to harden. Three days after pouring, soap loaves are unmolded, then left at room temperature for another 18-24 hours. Once harden, soap loaves are cut into bars then aged for 6 weeks.

Zen Stone Salt Bars are unmolded within 24 - 48 hours then aged for 3 weeks.

The extensive cure time allows water to slowly evaporate, which causes the soap to harden even more. A harder bar of soap will last longer, produce more lather, and achieve a better bar of soap.

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